Our first school campaign in Sundarban School of Science completed successfully

We are thrilled to announce the beginning of our school visiting campaign, initiated with great enthusiasm to spread the light of digital literacy. Our non-profit organization, Techniteracy, conducted a school session at the Sundarban School of science, where we had the opportunity to enlighten young minds about the wonders and perils of the digital world.

The event kicked off with an introduction to Techniteracy by one of our co-founders, Mr. Shisir Banskota. He passionately explained the organization’s vision and mission, emphasizing our commitment to spreading digital literacy and empowering individuals to make the most of the technological era.

Next up was Mr. Dharma Tamang, another co-founder, who took the stage to present the Basics of the Internet and demystify its workings. It was truly inspiring to witness the students’ curiosity and eagerness to learn about the intricate web that connects the world.

As we delved deeper into the session, Mr. Subhanjan Baral, another co-founder, took the stage to discuss the benefits of the Internet, from accessing knowledge at one’s fingertips to connecting with people across the globe. However, with the light also comes the shadow, and he fearlessly addressed the negative aspects of the Internet, such as cyberbullying and online privacy concerns. We believe that fostering digital literacy is not just about embracing the positive aspects but also being aware of potential pitfalls.

To conclude the session on a powerful note, Mr. Shisir Banskota returned to the stage to enlighten the students on ‘how to stay safe on the Internet.’ As the digital landscape grows, so do the risks, and our aim is to equip the young generation with the knowledge and tools to navigate cyberspace securely.

But the event didn’t stop there! The highlight of the session was the interactive Q&A session that followed. The students’ inquisitive minds were a joy to behold as they actively participated, asking thought-provoking questions and sharing their experiences with the Internet. This interaction allowed us to connect with the students on a personal level, reinforcing our belief in the importance of Techniteracy’s mission.

We would like to express our heartfelt gratitude to the Little Flowers Public School for providing us with this wonderful opportunity to engage with their bright and receptive students. The enthusiasm shown by the students and faculty throughout the session has further fueled our determination to continue our work in promoting digital literacy.

We extend an open invitation to schools, institutions, and individuals who share our vision to join hands with us in this noble journey. Together, let’s empower young minds to become responsible digital citizens.

Stay tuned for more updates on our future events and initiatives!

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